SmartHelper (for Russia)

SmartHelper is a free mobile application for recognition of labels for IKEA for platforms iOS and Android. SmartHelper allows users to recognize labels in Russian IKEA stores on the iPhone, iPad and a variety of Android devices. The application is able to retrieve the item number and location of goods in stock. Recognition occurs in real time, while SmartHelper not require an Internet connection.

Program Overview (video)

After the information about the goods is recognized, an application can be grouped products available at IKEA in stock and those of the presence of which has to be consulted. Besides, you can make already purchased goods in a separate list.

Recognition of labels in the Russian IKEA store (video)

SmartHelper for iOS and Android implemented on the basis of SDK, which allows developers to embed recognition function blocks of text in the video stream to mobile applications and information systems.

To get API and detailed information on incorporating SmartHelper technology, please fill in the form below, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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