Smart 3D OCR MRZ

Smart 3D OCR MRZ is an SDK for recognizing the MRZ data of passport and visa documents, made in accordance with the ISO/ICAO standards (IEC 7501-1/ICAO Document 9303 ISO), in a video stream of a mobile phone or a web camera. Using Smart 3D OCR MRZ provides a safe, easy, and quick input of personal data in mobile applications and web sites.

Smart 3D OCR MRZ provides automatic detection and recognition of MRZ data of documents in a video stream under different conditions of lighting and mutual arrangement of the object and the camera. Smart 3D OCR MRZ supports recognition mode “anywhere”, in which the search for MRZ-strings is carried out on the whole document image. This allows the system to scan pictures and documents in the recognition server and desktop solutions.

The technology provides both high-speed processing and high-quality results and requires no special video capturing means (an ordinary web camera or a mobile phone camera is enough). The full cycle of MRZ data recognition in a video stream, which starts with “showing” the object to the camera and finishes with obtaining the final result, lasts on the average for 0.8-1.0 seconds. In the course of recognition, the consistency of the results is checked by using reference MRZ figures.

Smart 3D OCR MRZ makes all the computations in a mobile device, without sending any data to external services!
Scan document’s MRZ in a video stream Scan document’s MRZ in a video stream
Examples. Searching for document’s MRZ in a video stream and screen displaying recognized MRZ data

Smart 3D OCR MRZ can be integrated in enterprise systems, web and mobile applications, allowing you to quickly (in real time) recognize MRZ data containing personal information about users and clients and to use the recognized data for execution of your internal business tasks.

The technology supports operation with cameras of mobile devices as well as with ordinary web cameras for recognizing documents on web sites or in information systems.

Smart 3D OCR MRZ available as SDK for iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, Mac OS. It also supports the following hardware platforms: ARMv7-v8 (AArch32 и AArch64), x86 and x86_64

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