Custom OCR Module

A custom module is an OCR solution for a specific use case. In addition to the recognition problems that are solved basic software, there are a large number of business challenges associated with extracting the text information from a variety of objects. It can be a variety of cards, vehicles, carriages, transport documents (tickets, invoices, traveler’s checks, etc..), meter readings, payment documents (receipts, invoices) and others.

Smart Engines Ltd. offers new opportunities to improve business performance through the use of the possibility of extracting data in the video stream of mobile devices and or web cameras. Our technological distinction when creating OCR for mobile applications is that all the computations are done on the device in real time, without sending any data to external services.

Our team also has the competence to create OCR technology to recognize the data on images obtained by photographing and scanning (scanned images of the originals and photocopies). While maintaining the functionality of the search and selection of document borders in the image.

Smart Engines Ltd. have experience in creating OCR technologies for various platforms for mobile devices, desktops, servers, and are ready to offer a solution to your particular problem recognition.


Vehicle numbers recognition

The technology allows to recognize the number of the vehicle in the video stream on mobile devices. The decisions based on it are available for use in mobile applications for the inspection of vehicles (for insurance companies), fixing the illegal parking of vehicles (for road services) and other tasks.

Store labels recognition

We have developed technology of recognition of textual information on the labels in the video stream. On the basis of this technology, we have created mobile application SmartHelper for recognition of labels for IKEA. Application allows users to recognize labels (article, number and location of goods in stock) in Russian IKEA stores on the iPhone, iPad and a variety of Android devices. Recognition occurs in real time, while SmartHelper not require an Internet connection.

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